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naperville-il-locationTechmaster Incorporated (TME) is a forty-year-old American Company. TME’s headquarter is in Naperville, IL, USA.

The company has Offices in Nicosia, Cyprus; Cairo, Egypt; and Beirut, Lebanon.

The USA headquarters office has extensive experience as a Project & Construction Manager, for Domestic and Chilled Water Pipelines, Water Treatment Projects, Booster Stations, Mechanical, Instrumentation & Electrical work for industrial projects.

The Cyprus regional office started operations in 1990, and specialized in proposal preparation, engineering, Balance of Plant equipment procurement and project management of power generation and transmission projects in Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

The Egypt regional office was opened in 1995 to serve as the headquarters for the company’s Trading and Construction business in Egypt.

The Bethlehem office was opened in 1998 as the headquarters for the company’s Construction activities in The West Bank and Gaza (Palestine) and closed in 2000.

The Beirut-Lebanon Office was opened in 2001 as the headquarters for the Company’s Engineering, Proposal, Procurement, Construction & Project Management Activities in the Middle East & the Gulf.

tme-004The company’s highly qualified, experienced managers and engineers are strategically positioned in these offices. From these vantage points, our international staff can efficiently carry out the various business activities central to their area of responsibility. It is this organization of our professional teams that have made TME a well recognized engineering, procurement & construction company.

The company’s management team is comprised of highly skilled managers & engineers with extensive international experience in project development, project management, engineering, procurement and construction management for the Industrial, Power & Water Resources sectors. The management team is multilingual, allowing it to efficiently communicate and conduct business in foreign environments.

Feasibility studies, design-built turnkey projects, competitive bidding, strategic alliances, and joint ventures are all part of the company’s operations designed toward bringing its customers high quality projects and products at internationally competitive prices.

The extensive international experience of TME’s construction managers and engineers, assures that projects are completed on time and on budget – to a superior level of quality.

TME is a US Government qualified Contractor and Trader with prestigious customers, such as, The US Army Corps of Engineers (COE) and The United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


TME received an overall performance rating of “Outstanding” by The US Army Corps of Engineers for a completed project at the An Shas Military Airbase in Cairo, Egypt.

The procurement department of TME provides high quality US origin and European equipment and materials made by internationally recognized manufacturers, to projects around the world. They carefully plan, schedule and monitor the manufacturing process in order to have critical equipment arrive at the project sites on time.

The engineering department produces highly detailed construction drawings, coordinating architectural, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical work so that the installation at the site flows smoothly avoiding major conflicts and delays to the work schedule.

Innovative approaches toward conducting business, and active senior management participation in all phases of the company’s operations have helped TME earn its reputation of “Worldwide Excellence” in all of its business activities.

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