tme-cta-001Techmaster Incorporation Group of Companies goes back to the year 1987 when it was originally established in Texas, as “project Resources & Development”, the office was relocated to Fort Lee, New Jersey in 1987. In 1994 the corporate name was changed to Techmaster Engineering Inc. (TME Inc.) In December 2001 the office was relocated to Naperville, Illinois & registered on April 9th, 2003 with the state of Illinois.

Strategically positioned in the U.S.A., TME Inc. offered and still offering North American technology, systems, equipment and services of the highest quality to the satisfaction of its clients. TME Inc. special relationship with American manufacturers provides it with unique and competitive edge to win contracts both home and abroad.

TME Inc. has in the past, and is currently providing its services for some of the most prestigious and well known projects in the world, such as the 20,000 tons of refrigeration, chilled water plant in Madinah (the largest air cooled plant in the world)

Techmaster Incorporated (TME) is a 39 year old American company. TMS’s headquarters are in Naperville, IL, USA. The USA headquarter office has extensive experience as a Project & Construction Manager for Domestic and Chilled Water Pipelines, Water Treatment Projects, Booster Stations, Mechanical, Instrumentation & Electrical work for industrial project.

TME Inc. is a US Government qualified Contractor and Trader, with prestigious customers such as the US Army Corps of Engineers (COE), and The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

TME received an overall performance rating of “Outstanding”, by the US Army Corps of Engineers for a recently completed project at the An Shas Military Airbase in Cairo, Egypt.

The procurement department of TME provides high quality US origin and European equipment and materials made by internationally recognized manufacturers, to projects around the world. They carefully plan, schedule and monitor the manufacturing process in order to have critical equipment arrive at the project sites on time.

tme-035Since 1990, TME Inc. continued its growth and expanded its experience in the following activities:

  • Project Development
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Cost Estimation & Proposal Preparation
  • Design Build Turnkey Contracts
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Equipment Sourcing & Procurement
  • Technical Training & Seminars
  • Expediting & Specialized Services

In 1990, Techmaster Engineering Ltd. (TME Ltd.) was established in the city of Nicosia, on the island of Cyprus. TME Ltd. is ideally located for its mission of project development, studies, engineering, procurement, project and construction management, contract administration, forwarding, and shipping of power generation and distribution/transmission projects in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. TME Ltd.’s main activities are in the Other activities include work in industrial projects, electromechanical building services and infrastructure.

The Cyprus regional office started operations in 1990, and specialized in proposal preparation, engineering, Balance of Plant equipment procurement and project management of power generation and transmission projects in Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Since 1990, Cyprus office has executed large scale power project and industrial projects on turn-key basis.

In 1994 the corporate name was changed to Techmaster Engineering Inc. (TME Inc.)

The Egypt operations office was opened in 1995 to serve the the company’s Trading and Construction business in Egypt.

The Bethlehem office was opened in 1998 as the headquarters for the company’s Construction activities in The West Bank and Gaza (Palestine). The office was closed in 2000.

In Nov. 2001, TME Sal. was established in Lebanon to take over from Cyprus office the regional operations.

tme-036The engineering department produces highly detailed construction drawings, coordinating architectural, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical work so that the installation at the site flows smoothly, avoiding major conflicts and delays to the work.

The Techmaster Group is also instrumental in the coordination and alliance on the various projects with major manufacturers of gas turbines, electrical switchgear multinational engineering and construction firms working together with the company in consortium on a joint venture basis. In addition, The Techmaster Group has Middle East representation of several dozens US and European manufacturers of electrical and mechanical equipment and services.

The Techmaster Group’s challenging goals includes that of achieving both outstanding engineering design and procurement, while at the same time achieving an equal level of leadership in project and construction management. In achieving this goal, Techmaster Group has established and developed an organization which executes a wide range of engineering , procurement, and construction management projects for power generation and distribution/transmission, as well as industrial turnkey projects from the proposal phase up to the commissioning and hand-over.

Through its association with Arabian BEMCO Contracting Co of Saudi Arabia, a world class developer and contractor, and its affiliation with Agra Monenco Inc. of Canada, one of the largest technology firms in North America, the Techmaster Group of companies draws the necessary experience in driving toward successful development.

tme-037Moreover, Techmaster Group enjoys a great deal of the affiliation and association within its working environment which strengthens the Group’s operations. These affiliations and associations range from engineering, procurement, and construction companies, to manufacturing, distribution, trading and financial companies.

Techmaster Group’s mission is to utilize its gained experience in the most professional working environment in order to better serve the diversified needs of its clients.

The company’s management team is comprised of highly skilled managers, engineers & staff with extensive international experience in project development, project management, engineering, procurement and construction management for the Industrial, Power & Water Resources sectors, electromechanical Building services & Infrastructure. the management team is multilingual, allowing it to efficiently communicate and conduct business in foreign environments.

Feasibility studies, design-build turnkey projects, competitive bidding, strategic alliances, and joint ventures are all part of the company’s operations, designed toward bringing its customers high quality projects and products at internationally competitive prices.

The extensive international experience of TME’s construction managers and engineers, assures that projects are completed on time and on budget to a high level of quality.

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