Techmaster is different because:

tme-021Techmaster’s excellent management team is comprised of highly skilled managers, engineers, and staff with extensive international experience in engineering and procurement for the Industrial, Power and Water Resources Sectors, Electromechanical Building Services & Infrastructure.

The management team and staff are multilingual and culturally diverse, which allows us to efficiently communicate and conduct business in foreign environments.

Feasibility Studies and strategic alliances are part of the company’s operations designed toward bringing its customers high quality and products for global operations and projects at internationally competitive prices.

The Extensive international experience of TME’s managers and engineers, assures that work is completed on time and on budget to high level quality.

The Techmaster Inc. is also instrumental in the coordination and alliance on various projects with major manufacturers of gas turbines, electrical switchgear, and other significant products, which executes a wide range of engineered procurement products for power generation and distribution transmission.

Techmaster Inc. has a representation in the Middle East of manufactures of electrical and mechanical equipment and services to better serve the diversified needs of its clients.

Techmaster Incorporated enjoys great deal of affiliation and association prestigious world developers, contractors, construction companies, manufacturers, distribution trading, and financial companies.

Techmaster Mission and Objectives

1. Maintain a leading position as specialized company executing satisfactory and competitive engineering, procurement projects, construction management to its clients globally.

2. TME Trading and sales department is negotiating with will known US, European, and Japanese Manufacturers to be there local representatives in the Middle East.

3. Establish TME Offices in the Middle East to enhance better sales and after sales services.

4. Qualify TME as a procurement company with public and private sectors in the Middle East.

5. Seek Strategic Alliances for our clients globally for power generation, industrial, water, transmission, distribution, airports, high rise, and tower projects.

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