McWane International

McWane International

For generations, McWane has been a global leader in water distribution and infrastructure that are integral to the function and development of plumbing and clean water works systems throughout the world. McWane International coordinates the sales of McWane waterworks, fire protection, plumbing products and ductile iron poles across the globe. The team is active in South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia including China and the Pacific Islands.

tme-026Our products are categorized into six business groups:

  • Ductile Iron Pipe
  • Waterworks, Valves and Fire Hydrants
  • Waterworks Fittings
  • Soil Pipe, Soil Fittings and Couplings
  • Extinguishers & Propane and Compressed Air TanksBlock B1 (1)
  • Technology

Today, we are expanding our product lines to meet the needs for safe, long-lasting, environmentally friendly infrastructure for the international communities as well as communities at home in the decades to come.

McWane Global develops the international and domestic growth of McWane across many sectors and industries.

McWane International, the worldwide sales arm for McWane’s traditional water and sewer products International business investment and development, is working on the following current projects:

  • tme-027Kennedy Valves
  • M & H Valves
  • Clow Valves
  • Tyler Union
  • McWane Gulf, a valve, hydrant, fittings and soil pipe plant in Abu Dhabi
  • McWane Services Private Limited, a back office operation in Coimbatore India providing engineering and technical support for McWane’s worldwide operations
  • A new valve and hydrant operation in Coimbatore that manufactures and sells metric valves and hydrants in India and other worldwide markets
  • Xindia Steels Limited, an iron ore pellet joint venture in Koppal, India
  • International product and equipment sourcing from Asia
  • New product development and sourcing in multiple areas, including Sure Stop gaskets for DI and PVC pipe and fittings, metric valves, hydrants and fittings, new pipe joints and other products
  • McWane Coal Sales, which provides metallurgical and steam coal to industry

McWane Global is leading the long term growth of McWane, both at home and abroad.

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