Miyawaki – Japan

More than 80 years Experience, Technology and Quality

The company MIYAWAKI has a more than 80 years history as one of the leading Japanese manufacturers of equipment for steam and condensate lines. MIYAWAKI has a long experience as the leading supplier of steam traps for oil refineries and chemical plants in Japan. Besides of steam traps the company offers a wide range of pressure reducing valves for steam and other media, steam-water-mixing valves, separators, strainer, sight glasses and other ancillary equipment.

MIYAWAKI offers sophisticated hardware and software solutions for managing the steam trap population in a plant. As the world leader of the production of bimetallic temperature control steam traps, the most effective steam traps for steam tracing and steam main lines in the sense of energy conservation, MIYAWAKI contributes substantially to the reduction of CO2 emissions and to the development of a healthy environment.

Our Mission

“MIYAWAKI‘s mission is to promote the ideas of energy saving and environmental protection, to fulfil the deliveries of its products with a high rate of reliability and to provide a high level of technical support for our products.

Reducing the consumption of energy in the form of steam is an extremely important goal of each modern industrial enterprise. Steam Traps are able to play an important role in this process, because by improving the management of the steam and condensate system and by regular professional steam trap surveys, up to 40% of the steam losses can be reduced which are not caused by the manufacturing process. We have every confidence that the high quality of MIYAWAKI products will enable our customers to save energy and to meet their production goals.”

Our History

MIYAWAKI opened its doors in 1933 and began designing steam traps for industrial use. In 1949, after extensive experiments and tests, MIYAWAKI developed an entirely new type of steam trap, with a “Duplex”-type valve, a double-ported valve operating by the pressure differential to increase the condensate capacity.

In the following years, the design was further refined and sales soared to the point where by 1953 the company
MIYAWAKI Steam Trap Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was able to incorporate. Along with the development and sales of products other than steam traps, the name changed to MIYAWAKI Inc. in April 1986.

To emphasize the growing international activities of MIYAWAKI Inc., in June 1991 the subsidiary company MIYAWAKI GmbH was established in Germany. Later offices in Russia and China had been opened. During the last decade the network of sales representatives around the world was enlarged considerably.

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