Nagle Pumps

Nagle Pumps

tme-028For more than 70 years, Nagle Pumps have been the standard of excellence and reliability in heavy-duty pumps for abrasive, corrosive and high temperature applications.

A wide selection of designs, components, and materials of construction (available in any abrasion, corrosion or heat resistant material) allows Nagle to custom engineer each pump to meet your specific requirements.

Nagle manufactures Vertical Cantilever, Wet and Dry Mounted, Submerged Bearing, Horizontal and Submersible pumps.

Custom Engineering For Cost Efficient Pumping Solutions

Endurance Engineered Features Include:

  • tme-029Progressive casting wall thickness for maximum service life
  • Single volute, Single discharge to allow maximum solids passage which eliminates the need for hydraulic balancing, allowing dry running.
  • Cantilever pump has no bearings, bushings, seals or rubbing parts below the mounting plate.
  • Thru-bolt construction below the mounting plate provides easy maintenance.
  • Impeller wear adjustment is located above the sump cover on all Vertical models and are easily accessible on Horizontal models.
  • On Vertical models, open bypass design feature will tolerate pump shut-off.
  • All mated components piloted(register-fit) to ensure concentricity and aid in reassembly of the pump.
  • Drive options include direct, v-belt, right angle and variable frequency.

Nagle Pumps Typical Applications

Nagle Pumps has thousands of installations in Power, Chemical, Petrochemical, Steel, Water Treatment, Foundry, Ceramic, Metalworking and other process industries.

All these will attest to the Nagle philosophy of “Endurance Engineering”.

A commitment to the design and manufacturing pumps which provide the longest service life with minimum maintenance.

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